potential of hydrogen

so someone on facebook dropped this link tonight.
Potential of Hydrogen
anyone have any info. seems like another company trying to jump on the bandwagon. but i actually dont mind the frame designs.
Does anyone know if these are quality or just some sweatshop cheapies?

oh and dont let the bad ass hipster crew put you off

no clue
but by the looks it has the typical all black chinese component look to them.

And seeming as though the build up images on the websites are just a bunch of casual posing models, you would presume the area of focus from this company isn’t on craftsmanship…

but these are just my late night assumptions

yo yo they be badass, a’ight


Doesn’t everybody already have a sweet fixie by now?

the frames seem to look alright, bit of a torro rip, but from those images it looks like its more about the fixie ‘image’ rather than their bike craftsmanship

found this entry on the sable and argent site:

Sable and Argent

Triple triange, curved seatpost and metallic colourway goodness. If they’re cheap I’d get one.

retail for approx $674 for a complete bike. (going by this valuation: Win a Potential of Hydrogen bike - Competitions - Time Out Sydney)

ah sydney.

Look exactly like Favor bikes from Taiwan Favor Bikes | Fixed Gear in Taiwan - Products / Spun


also note that Favor’s “large” is a 54 :confused:

we don’t have much giraffes in the asian genes :confused: besides Yao Ming…

The factory is on a scale I could not quite comprehend, everyone from the boss to the workers all live and work on-site, it’s like a miniature village.

into containers and off to the ports, some 800 bikes per day!

Sable and Argent… what a bunch of pricks. (and anyone who buys on of these too)

these pictures really dont make me want to buy one of their bikes.

Been to Nanjing, definitely reminds me in these photos. Wish I was into track bikes when i was there. DAM haha

so, is that website (in the OP) actually for bikes or just some hipster-trolling tool to get everyone’s email addy’s to spam teh shit out of 'em?
also, ridiculously slack angles makes te bikes look they’re built for posing, not speed.

also, i thought this thread was going to be about chemistry

Instant ban for non-ironic COCK.

second that. any slacker than 77 degrees and 35mm rake is rubish

i don’t see why these pictures would put people off. most production frames are made in factories in taiwan/china/wherever. these assembly lines would be the same for your felt/cinelli/fuji/specialized/cannondale etc

well they are only admitting what everyone else hides.

It did cross my mind. Soz