Powder coated chains

I have a new plug racer and it came with a red powder coated half link chain. It has a 100km/60miles on it and the chain is still noisy and feels a bit stiff. Would a normal chain give a quieter and/or smoother ride? If so any recommendations?


Chains are dicks
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Use the search function on here and find a post, maybe, just maybe someone else new to riding a bike asked a noisy chain question.

urgh. coloured chains where to start. firstly take it off. put it in a bin. set the bin on fire. bury the remains.

You’ve become so cynical in your twilight years.

Haha you saying I’m over the hill??
and yes you’re probably right but to be fair I’ve always found coloured chains to be hideous

haha, nah, you’re alright!
and i totally agree, coloured chains=gross.

Check your chain tension, and then lube it.

Or go to kmart and buy a bmx chain there. You might need 2. About 6 bucks each. They are rebranded kmc chains.

Thanks, I did search for posts on colored chains but couldn’t find much on them.

I wasn’t sure if they come good after a few hundred kms or not but I’ll go grab a new one thanks.