Powder coating advice

Hello all,

Looking to get my bike frame stripped and powdercoated. Can anyone help me out with some advice on whos who to get this kinda work done in Melbourne?


The Hose

Bell street powdercoaters.

or A-Class Powder Coating in Moorabbin if you’re south side.

The original classic thread:


sasha at ponybikes may also be able to help you out. give her a call - 9939 6773. she’s in nth melb.

When was the last time bell put out a good job?

See Commuter Cycles for the guys they use. They did a great job on the last frame I had coated.

I used Raglan Powdercoating in Preston once. They were cool.

before you do any assembling take your frame to your LBS to have the BB threads chased…

Or just sharpen the end of a coathanger and DIY.

There’s GripSport in Thomastown too

Just had a frame bead blasted at A Class, $38.50

I think blast and powdercoat is about $60, they did a awesome job on the blast.

Be polite to them.

Thanks a lot for all the help guys, is it possible to get a matt finish when powdercoating?

^ Definitely. Keep in mind powdercoating is typically more matt than its paint cousins.

Man, that was a trip down memory lane… wonder where they all are now?

wow $60… I was thinking of sanding and using some spray cans…

I think I’ll pay the $60

My thoughts exactly, I think I will have to be extra polite :slight_smile: