Powdercoat, paint or anodize? (Stem and bars)

Has anyone had any experience with powdercoating their stem or bars?

Planning on powdercoating nitto njpro and nitto b125 bars.

Will there be problems with clearance installing the stem into the frame and the bars into the stem etc.

Would anodizing be a safer bet? How does this compare with powdercoating finish and price wise?

If anyone could also recommend somewhere in brisbane that would be great.


Powdercoating it quite thick. Your issues there would be putting them bar and stem back together. Think about how tight it usually is to put drops on a stem. Anodizing can be quite exspensive. There are a few mobs around brisbane. Maybe you can ring around and see if they can throw the bar and stem in a big batch lot of stuff thats getting done…

There is a heat resistant tape the coater can use to mask off sections (clamp area, stem post, etc) so your clearances will be retained.

if you’re running drops, the issue will be more that, if you’ve not got a removable face stem, you’ll potentially chip and mark the bars as you put them into the stem.

Admittedly this part may actaully be hidden under tape, but if you’re not using tape then is there a way to get the bars in without scratching them?

Not really. the clamp area is 25.4 - 26.0mm, the drops are a mm or two smaller. So even with the powdercoat, it’ll still go through with a minimum of fuss. Worst case, you use a large flat screwdriver (if you don’t have the correct stem spreading tool) to spread the clamp a little as you fit the bars. I had to remove a pair of ABD125AA bars with teardrop shaped flats from a Pearl stem, that took a lot of spreading and cursing not to scratch the bars.

I have powdered 25.4mm moustache bars before (similar bend radius to drops) and had no problems getting them in a (non powdered) 25.4mm stem.

If you’re using tape, why would you bother powdercoating the bars? :?