Powdercoaters - southern side?

Anyone know if/where I could get a decent bead-blast and powdercoat job done in the southern suburbs?

BicycleRecycle in Moorabbin?

I don’t think Fleming does powder.

I believe you’re right

You may have to drive up to Preston then

Rang couple from the phone book around dandy & braeside, no interest in doing a bike. Looks like a trip to Bell St - I’ll pack a lunch.

Found one,
A-Class Powdercoating, Chesterville Rd Moorabbin. Just got my frame back from them and they’ve done a pretty decent job. $77 for frame & forks, full strip and powdercoat.

Pics or it didn’t happen! :smiley:

Hey maybe a dumb question… Can you get Powdercoat mat paint?

that’s a great price

It’s going to be my geared (1x9) mtb commuter hack - a scruffy old Trek 970 frame, rigid forks, renewed in gloss black - not really worthy of a pic here :-D.

Dunno for sure - Gripsport’s ‘colour chart’ shows a matt black and a satin black

Sounds like its worth checking it out, would you happen to have their phone number handy??

“A-Class” didn’t come up on a yellow pages search

Bell’s number is 9484 6007

I know they’re not on the southern side but they’ll answer the matt question

blast and powder coat in braeside $60.
Thats for plain colors abotut $85 for pearl.
good job. had a few frames done there.
flemming doesnt do them anymore, he used
to spray paint but doesnt do that to much either,
only for old mates like perko. Hes paints motorbike
parts instead coz theres more $$ and he has heaps
of work from it.

PS. yes you can get matte finish. Also get 3d textured stuff, they do alum doors and stuff in it. Cant powder coat any frame with carbon in it as the glue cant take the heat

Man that sounds good…

Omar walks off into the darkness to find a suitable frame to paint in matt finish

9532 1997, unit 9-12 Chesterville Rd Moorabbin (a block of factory units, A-Class entrance is right at the back of the block).

btw mine needed chemical stripping which bumped my cost up to the $77. $25 stripping & prep, $45 powdercoating + $7 GST.

braze up the cracks in the pug and get it powdercoated