Power Balance Bands = Snake Oil

We all knew it was a sham, but getting these charlatans to admit publicly that it is nothing more than a glorified charity wrist band (without the charity) has made my morning:

ACCC Media Release

I am so happy about this, they are such a douchebag company. Will be interesting to see how many people actually return them for their refund, or whether people are still so stupid as to think that they work.

this bit’s my favourite

“Consumers should be wary of other similar products on the market that make unsubstantiated claims, when they may be no more beneficial than a rubber band” Mr Samuel said.

i noticed a few of the aussie cricket team were wearing these at the last test…

So was the england cricket team…

This is pretty cool.
They’ll be banking on people not taking the refund offer: dickheads don’t like to admit that they’ve been had.

“Consumers should be wary of other similar products on the market that make unsubstantiated claims, when they may be no more beneficial than a rubber band,”

Doesn’t stop people wearing the Livestrong bracelets.

part of the money from those goes to charity though yeah? also, if you’re hurting on a ride, the reminder/cause might give you that tiny boost. i dunno, i’ve never worn one, just a thought…

Group buy? :wink:

Placebo Bands

it’s beneficial to them because they were probably getting paid a lot for it

Should see the list of 20 magazines they have to print corrective advertising in. Including mens Fitness, Inside Sport, Australian Golf, Tracks etc. Its in the pdf doc of the actual undertaking with the ACCC.

Supporting charity doesn’t excuse anything. Tricking people into parting with $50 for a glorified elastic band and trying to justify it is plain wrong. If people wanted to support the charity they could donate the same portion (probably only $1 max) and keep the remaining 49. The mental effect that these have would be negligible after a couple of rides, you would be better off spending our money on good nutrition. Plus for most people that have bought one and see this, they will realise that there is no benefit for them and it won’t even give a short term placebo effect.

Most people just buy them to see if they work… They know they don’t now

You’d do better with one of these.

Reminds me of the scheme in “lock stock…” the one with the dildos…

I couldn’t believe it when I just read they were sold for $60!!! Fuck me! I thought they were $4.95.

Rolly’s comment was in relation to the Livestrong bracelets that sell for a $1 with the proceeds going to Livestrong.
Power Balance had no charity affiliation as far as I understand


Indeed, although Powerbalance do have an affiliation - Ovarian Cancer research fund. A worthy cause but doesn’t change my statement above.

CBF finding link but they were advertised on Epray for about 60 cents each if you bought a box full outta china.

every second person at my school has one