power capacity

Hi all,

bit of a plug for a mate here has just started up a new business…but well worth it!

I had a session last night with Brian from http://www.lomo.com.au/ who did a comprehensive bio mechanical analysis of my riding position and made some adjustments to my position to increase power output.
Also tested my capacity on wattage utput and threshhold stuff, all very interesting and I look forward to seeing improvements on the road.

Anyway I guess for those who race and or who might have riding aches might be well worth considering this as a real alternative to other products outthere.

Couple of questions

  • where’s he based?
  • does he just do road stuff or can he do mountain bike as well?

How many watts did you punch out?

How was the power testing done?

Based in Caulfield.

cycleops I think is the program /hardware.

Contat Brian here