Power Curve road racer

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if you have a look at the pictures this bike also features the left side of a triumph motorbike,

I’m bidding on this.
Hands off everyone.

Just down the road Dylan! I saw a single speed one of these the other day, I was both stoked and revolted at the same time.

its all yours…

So true, if it had said Softride in the title I wouldn’t have even clicked the link.

Fucken sweet!
I’ll be converting to fixed, to make up for my conversion going back to road.

Also, mum and dad are gonna MURDER me lol.
I’m gonna have to sell some bikes to make up for it.

I won’t buy this, this one’s better so I’ll feel bad.
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Zomg check this out!?!/
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Well… Did you get it?

Nah, bought some shoes instead.