power straps or toeclips?

i was interested in hearing your opinions on the two methods of pedal power.
dunno which one is better

clips +1

I’ve never seen someone with Powerstraps.

Oh, and you forgot flat pedals and SPD/Look/Time/Eggbeater etc.

Powerstraps are not easily adjustable for different shoes. I found them to be a pain and took them off after a couple of weeks.

i used to ride my own DIY power straps, which were okay, but for skidding applications and getting in and out, it was a bit of a pain.

However, if all you need is a bit of foot retention then the power straps should be okay. Toeclips however are far better in the foot retention department, they’re also really easy to get in and out of once you learn the “flipping” technique, and make skidding a whole lot easier.

+1 on the adjustability of clips as well, powergrips are really a pain in the arse to adjust.

(oh and to answer your question, in regards to “pedal power”, you’d want clips over power grips)

Don’t forget about clipless too!

+1million clipless. Not being able to wear cool shoes may be a downside but I love em. :smiley:

+1 Clipless all the way. I had some old Campag brev int. with toe clips and straps, but there were so damn uncomfortable, and i lost like 20% of my power… so it was pointless.

Clips and straps are easy to get into until you need to take off in a hurry…I’ve never gotten the hang of doing the flip when already spinnning at a decent speed.

SPD is so much better when you need to ride your bike day in day out in traffic

yeah, it was killing me on the halleycat. if i didn’t get in first shot, i’d have to slow right down and try again. it just meant trackstanding as much as possible. i need to get some of those soma ones with the twin arms, they hold the opening nice and wide

Try tightening your straps a little. If they are too loose they won’t hold their shape and then you will struggle getting your feet in.

pretty sure the tightness is optimal, might get some leather straps instead of the cloth straps, or just tape them up with gaffa to stiffen them.
it’s not too big a deal, next alleycat i’ll go clipless. this is why it’s good to have multiple bikes.

i just swicth over my pedals. clipless durimng the week, straps on the weekend.