Powercoating, decals and clearcoating...

I’m getting my Daccordi powdercoated this week- it needs it!

After the frame is powdercoated, I want to put some Cyclemondo decals on. I have used these decals before and they are quite fragile if you don’t protect them in some way.
So my question is what the best way to protect the decals- can I clearcoat a powdercoated frame? Or is there an alternative method?

Cheers, Horatio

A little bit of me dies whenever a nice quality lugged frame gets powdercoated.

Unfortunately I can’t afford a $300-400 professional paint. Powdercoating is the next best thing…

Mate, don’t powdercoat it! D.O.N.T!!!
Peter at Star Enamellers (he’s the best) did my Moser for only $250. That included:

  • proper detailed sandblast
  • preserve chrome on chainstays and dropouts
  • match original metallic colour
  • fill in small dent on chainstay
  • fill in all pantographs/engravings (about 9 of them) in contrast colour
  • nice pin stripe detail around chrome
    AND putting on all decals from Cyclomondo and burrying them under clear coat

The frame looks like brand new now!
Peter has been working together with Cyclomondo for years and knows how to put on decals perfectly and burrying them under the clear for protection. Those decals are fragile as and take practice to apply. I reckon don’t DIY, it will do your head in…and cost you more…

Just my 2c worth

Sorry, it’s been done :oops:

So with that in mind, any ideas on the decals dilemma?

the signwriter who did my boxlining and decal application had warned me of the problems he had in with waterslide decals over adhering to a powdercoat. OK for a show bike, he said, but not for regular use. As a result I went with paint not powdercoating.
Any other views on this?

Two ideas:

  • take your decals to a signwriter and get more robust stickers made

  • put some clear tape over your decal (like Scotch Sealing tape or similar, completely clear and about 5cm wide) … I usually put some on the ‘high wear’ areas of my bike… chain stay, top tube (prevents chips when locking up) etc. Done well, it is barely visible. I guess you’d need to be pretty careful here because if you stuff it up and want to start again the fragile decal may break (?).

Powdercoating is a sin against steel.
I did my first bike with powdercoat and hated myself for it ever since. You’d be better off getting some decent quality spray cans and DIY. That’s what I’m doing for my next job. At least then I can strip it off and start again if it starts to look ratty. Powder and there’s no going back.

Not so, I had a powdercoated frame stripped and painted a few months ago. The guy said he just soaked it in paint thinner before blasting. Once was powdered, now is this:

^ wow that’s beautiful

I’ll take that last statement back then. That’s beautiful.

I’d been told it was a waste of time trying to strip back a once powdercoated frame. It’s not what you know eh :smiley:

Yeah I think some painters might think it’s too much of a hassle so they say it can’t be done, but only cost me $20 extra to have the powdercoat stripped. Well worth it I’d say!

Like anything in this realm you will be tainted by you good and bad experiences. Only seen powder-coats with drips, uneven surface application and you are going to think that’s all there is. If you’ve only seen beautiful wet paint jobs from people like Cosgrove or Paconi then you’ll expect every wet paint job to be a work of art. There are good and bad in both, and reasons for and against each which have been discussed ad nauseum on this forum. [/rant]

As for decals for powdercoating, check out these guys for some info: http://www.sssink.com/decalsforpowdercoat.htm

I agree…I’ve had a frame powder coated which I thought looked better than some painted frames. Out of curiousity, how much is a paconi job, say standard paint job + lug detail?

Think I’ve heard quotes around $250 mark for what you describe (may not have included the lugs though, may have just been for a single colour with decals and clear coat). All depends on the paint, frame condition, reputation of the painter, etc. etc. As an example Joe Cosgrove here in Brisbane starts around $350 and goes for the sky from there!

Hey so with powdercoating right, does it have to be sandblasted. IE. can I just use my wire wheelo thingy on an angle grinder and strip it back like that then give it to the coaters?

regarding the water slide decals; these guys www.hlloydcycles.com recommend you clean the surface with metho, then apply a “decal adhesive”. Hobby shops sell Humbrol branded adhesive, apparently it help the decal set on the surface. Then clear coat it.

My GF has just done it on a powder coated frame, not sure on durability though.