pre war? malvern star path racer rehash.

bought this from here a while ago as dad wants a bike to ride around on with mum, loves pashleys but didnt want to spend that much.
started like this:

after powdercoat, and new wheels/tyres it now looks like this:

i need to rechrome the original stem, post and headset, and then itll be rideable. i thought about doing a full resto, but in all honesty that would just mean it wouldnt get ridden, so went with a more modern and ridable redo.

Very nice project. What type of hubs are they? Internally geared rear?

I’m assuming you’re a.davis12 on Rotorburn too? I’m U.D.O on there. :slight_smile:

phat :sunglasses:

Looking good. I’d grab a white paint pen and paint in around the stars. Good choice with the hub brakes as well. Seems to be something that not a lot of people consider as an alternative to clamp on front brakes when the front fork isn’t drilled.

yepo, 3 speed + drum brake rear, drum brake front.

and thats me!

plans are already made for teh stars!

Drum brakes on a bike :?
How do they work? Do you connect up a cable to the hubs?

yep, in the whole bike picture yuo can see a metal rod dangling from the front hub, that is attached to the frame. on the rod is a cable stop for the outer and the inner runs through this to a second lever on the hub, which when pulled expands the spring and voila we have braking!

I have an identical frame. how much do you think it would be worth?

cruiser spec, i like.

so clean and different to what you normally see.

so nice, cant wait to see it built up.

this is nice.
are you planning to use the drops or go for a more pashley style position on the finished build?

more cruiserish bars, the top tube is waaaay to long for dad (or me).
i was going to get a coaster brake, but well dad just tore his achilles, so drum brakes for him.

nearly there.

lovin it, nice work :sunglasses:

Nice work giving the bike some new life.

not quite done, need specific cable for the thumb shifter (been ordered) and when thats all good and installed either brooks leather tape or their lock on grip type things.

(and it looks in better proportion in real life)

you were definitely the right person to sell that bike to…

and thank you for doing so! :mrgreen:

finished build looks great. good work.