Preferred Canberra fixed-gear events

Just want to gauge interest for planning purposes … 2 votes per person. Enjoy.

Not having done an alleycat as yet, I would def be keen for one… it’s just trying to get to one on a date that I don’t have something on.

My first pref is just a roll around and passing a few pubs / coffee joints. More on the casual side of things is good as I take my serious riding on the dirt.

I understand where you’re coming from but I wouldn’t regard ‘long distance rides’ as ‘mashing’, and they are one of my favourite things to do, so is it too late to add???


Fixie is my chilled genre. I use my energy on the brown stuff, so chilled rides are good with an alleycat thrown in now and again.

There’s been a huge influx of fixed-gear bikes in Canberra with the start of uni.

Are we due to have another alleycat? Maybe on 13 March?

I would say 28.6% of people would favour the idea of an alleycat.

That’s good odds.

map of start

Let’s hit it :sunglasses:

I was also thinking we should do some car park races, like multi-story car parks at the ANU, etc. two (or more) start at the bottom, gotta get to the top and back down again, fast as you can, around markers, without brakes (or maybe with if people don’t ride without)

Or a hill climb and down hill race as two different races, combined time wins all.

Love speed events. Got a pretty big gear so loving the speed!!!