Premier show?

Hey looking at doing a Premier Show at the Wheatsheaf, showing a recently bought DVD called “Tokyo Geki Saka Hyakusen”, which translates to “100 Hills Bombing”. How do I go about setting it up, as I know there was a Fixie DVD Premier Show at the Wheatsheef a while ago? Any suggestions? Also don’t have a projector. :slight_smile:

I set up the Macaframa, London To Paris, Revival and Council of Doom screenings a while back… I now have my own projector, and it’s pretty easy to set up a screening at the Wheaty during the week (weekends are way too hard). PM me and we’ll make this happen.

Thanks for the reply. I think any week day is okay. Do the wheaty charge to book?

Nope. It’s all free.


Thanks heaps, actually I’m Daisuke. Please help me. Any weekday is fine for me, please let me know your convenience.


It’s not all going to be in bloody subtitles, is it?!

sorry mate! no subtitles, but it’s in Japanese. It doesn’t matter though as you can still enjoy it.

Aahhh what a let down…with that thread title i thought it was gonna be Media Mike riding a fixed gear or trickin out on the steps of parliament.