Premium thRush alley cat and movie.

Premium Thrush Alley Cat.
Nov 10 - Kuilpa Park

BBQ @ six:thirty
REGISTRATION @ six:thirty

Im tech spaz. Gyps wanna fix that?

Fanks kent

Edit: Image has been deleted cos it’s deemed sexist and offensive by the powers that be.

Thx, the mods.

heh heh heh, fuck jessie, you dun goofed!

May I ask as to how it was offensive?

Thrush is real condition that is plastered all across TV advertisements in prime time.

mod kents

The image on the flyer, combined with the title.

Also, calling the mods ₪₪₪₪s isn’t going to help your position.

not even for giggles?

Become a donor and we’ll talk.

the hard sell ey

hey jesse

should have seen the first idea…

were you making this when I saw you today?

Just read this whole threat start to finish.

i was all like

no Pat the poster took me some time to make last week. hand drawn and researched

This is why I keep coming back to fixt. Overly sensitive mods exercising they’re overlord powers to gain what little broner they… Well you know.

Thanks for the LOLZ guys