Pretty cool idea!

just stumbled upon this on the LFGSS boards - For Sale: Buy a bike for a tenner - make the forum a ton - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

whilst i’m not hinting that anyone here should do it (but, hey, if you wanna, go for it!!), i think it’s a pretty cool idea.

bike raffle FTW!

just don’t let the govt find out.

Very good idea and I do have a frame to sell…

That is pretty awesome.

Maybe we should have a punt on which one of those 35 people will win the raffle. $5 bucks to enter, half goes to winner(s), other half goes to this forum.

wait… that’s technically illegal isn’t it?

Cool what bike you donating/raffling Rolly??

Why is this illegal? Because it wasn’t drawn on the same day?
Genuine curiosity.

Fundraising Resource Centre » Archive » RUNNING A RAFFLE IN VICTORIA: Rules and Regulations

FOA is a genuine community or charitable organisation, right?

I’m sure there are plenty of ‘illegal’ raffles held everywhere. Car Club things, schools, whatever.

I wouldn’t have a problem with it, PROVIDED that the seller is an honest person, and doesn’t just rig the results - which can/does happen sadly.

I think it’s a good idea and I would participate.

I’m in

I’ve got dubrats old kenevans track frame here. I’m willing to offer - 35 tix @$20ea (500 for me, 50 for postage, $150 donated to the forum
If you pickup, I’ll donate the extra $50).Trouble is that it’s 53sq. Potential to resell and profit I guess.
Anyone else?

I want to win something with carbon forks

Edit: I’d probably like to win in the first place, I’m in.

Do it.

$500 for a used track frame? That ship has sailed a few years ago IMHO. (Unless it’s super nice / super rare / has provenance, I don’t know exactly which frame we’re discussing here)

I mean,
concorde track, $227:
Vintage steel track frame and forks 1980s | eBay
Super snazzy NJS Giro $419:
Giro 53.5 NJS Track Frameset Only Fixie Fixed Track | eBay
Complete Cecil Walker $612:
Vintage Cecil Walker Superlite Track Bike - Campagnolo Cinelli - Hipster Fixie | eBay
Complete Paconi $610:
Paconi Track Bike Fixed Pista | eBay

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for this as a fun fundraiser for the forum and a bargain frame for the winner and I will buy a ticket, but I don’t think the person selling the goods should be receiving more than current market value for them.

Happy to listen to other opinions and be corrected if the frame truly is a $500 seller in today’s market.

Edit: Munga has informed me that the ‘old kenevans frame’ is actually Mark Kingsland’s frame used for training for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, where he ended up with a 4th place in the IP, not just any old kenevans track iron. Definitely something special.

happy to do this with my dignity. anyone up for a $2 ticket?

on that note, i’m gonna lock this down.

it’ll be reopened once some discussion has been had, probably next week.

have a good weekend folks!!

Does it look like this?