Previous swap meets

I’ve missed the last easey St swap meets and curious as to how people have found them? Have they been worthwhile or are the online options better?

Does a HED trispoke for $50 sound worthwhile?
How about excellent condition 9spd ultegra STIs for $25?
or harassing andy into serving you coffee?

there are always some happy buyers… but it depends on what you are after.

i like it better than the abbotsford one as there is less ‘vintage’ and more modern gear, but the deus one i went to in Sydney had better stock (but slightly higher prices).

Yeah, I prefer faceless internet shopping with no human interaction!

hate to be the wistleblower, but this is a trap. the $50 trispoke is used to lure hipsters, where they are then held in captivity and made to compete in hipster fights, it is the money made from placing bets on these fights that fund the swap meets.

  • all the more reason to go, I say…

sssshhhh - there’s one one rule about swap meets - don’t talk about swap meets… :smiley: