PRICE CHECK: Colnago Pista


I know we don’t normally do price check posts but they do on the Torana Forum so I guess I can do it here as well.

Have the possibility of buying a Colnago Pista, however due to the fact that I rarely see them I thought the fixed community/Any actual track riders may have an idea.

Colnago Pista 57cm
Campagnola C record Hubs DT Spokes Mavic Rims
Dura Ace 165 NJS
Campagnola seatpost
Gipiemme Pista headset

I have photos but Cycleuckets proclaims to have exceeded some bandwidth so when its fixed I’ll add em.

How much do you think this is worth???


If it’s in good nick, I reckon in excess of $2000.00 sounds about right.

What’s the condition? I bought my Colnago track bike for $600

Yeah its pretty perfect actually, slight discolouration and scrape marks on the BB but aside from that and the fact thats its a bit of a girly blue colour.

Really I wan tot upload some pictures…Cursed CycleBucket

Well you got ripped off :stuck_out_tongue: haha. i got mine pretty cheeeeep. If the owner knows what he is on about and the bikes in good condition you’ll be paying $1500 + with good parts as you described.

There you go…

Thanks Jolan :smiley:

SO consensus is around $1,500 then?

wow, whatever it costs, I reckon it’s worth every penny…

that chromed head tube detail is so nice… :slight_smile:

buy it or regret it later… :wink: :roll:

Buy it before someone else finds out where its being sold and scoops it up before you.

$1500 for this is a great deal. $2000 is probably more accurate.

take down that photo of the cranks before the purists have a conniption :stuck_out_tongue:

1100-1300 on the velodrome notice board, $2k+ on ebay

In the collectors market there is no such thing as paying too much … only too early.

It’s old … they don’t make it anymore … you only live once. If it’s the right size and colour/style you’re after … go nut$ :wink:

it does look sweet im sure someone would pay 2g$ + on ebay, the only thing it lacks for me is straighter forks and more seat tube. (both easily changeable)

how much straighter … the wheel barely clears the downtube as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just me or does the STA seem a little out of whack in proportion to the head tube?