price lists?

just wondering if anyone has any information to gaining prices lists of components?

noticing that you can pay through the roof for some parts on eBay and knowing what somethings market/resale value would be useful so you can make an informed decision as to if you pay higher dollar etc…


Too many components, too many variables. But it would be handy…

E-bay really does suck.

Expanding on waht dubb-boy said, it depends on what components you are looking at?

You can price check against, phamton, torpedo7, cecil walker…they all have on-line.

Bit of a hassle thought, better to go to a shop.

what about with vintage items off eBay?

i struggle with looking at campy components and working out the difference between say chorus and record, etc how much you should pay for a set of NOS campy rims, bb, headsets etc…

knowing if something from a particular era is worth it, etc…

there is nothing no?

For general vintage prices in Australia, perhaps these guys can help you. They seem to know what they are doing.

Or … try the sheldon brown website. He’s got a section on vintage stuff and rough price guides.


Items are ‘worth’ what people are prepared to pay for them. So there are no definitive prices. Cheap is relative.

If you ‘want’ and some one has ‘got’ - the market determines how much ‘cash. no. robbo?’ will seperate the two. Microeconomics 101.

A porsche for example.

The more common the item, the cheaper.

ie Hyandai Excel 94, 250k goes well… $2400 ono

If Campy was cheap, no one would want it.

ps Im serious about the car for sale :wink:

Did you just finish watching ‘TopGear’ and decide you should upgrade your 4 wheel mobile to a V8 Merc with 626 bhp?

I’m far from a car person and probably never will be, but I fucking love that show. Needs to be one about bicycles. Touring, track, mtb, BMX, everything. That would be cool (if not feasible).

Campy stuff is overpriced. I’m focusing on quality Japanese components. The only parts in my collection which I’m dissatisfied with are Miche hubs. ITALIAN !

  • Joel

Just out of interest what is the problem with the Miche hubs?

Not Japanese?

The (cartridge) bearings feel like shit. Even after a couple of hundred kms they still feel like shit. Slow, sluggish, crunchy. Replacing with high quality (Japanese!) cartridge bearings would probably fix this problem. Also the axle is too fucking short. Way too short. It’s impossible to get all the thread of an aftermarket track nut engaged with most dropouts. The reason you need an aftermarket track nut is because the pansey ones that are supplied fall apart! As well as the integrated washer being useless and not turning, gouging the pain, and as well as using a 14mm spanner.

Mine are going on an off-road bike which will get the crap beaten out of it. Good riddance.

  • Joel

Ah, I will definately stay away from them. If you’re going to make a proprietry (sp?) system (using odd sizes and shit) at least make it well engineered.

No need to stay away from them, but let me put it this way. I think it would be absolutely impossible for the much cheaper shifterbikes hubsets to be any worse than the Miches. And they’re flip flop, dishless, and available in colours other than mangey clear ano. I think. I would love to see some pics/opinions of the shifter hubs actually, although for the price it’s not a real gamble to try them…

  • Joel

You won’t have to wait long Joel. You mean the Dimension hubs?

Des already has a pair and if Dan can stay focussed long enough to remember what lacing I asked for I should have a pair on the road on Saturday - 36H double fixed with Deep V rims.

Yup, I’ve got a pair. Might post some pics tonight if I can figure out how.

They feel slightly smoother than my velocities. Seem pretty strong. Cog threads on smoothly (always a good sign) as do the lockring and track nuts. Been riding them everyday this past month. Very happy with them. Axle is long enough to fit in my 126mm frame.


good stuff. I might have to pick up a set.

Does anyone know if/when the shifterbikes store will be up? Not being impatient Dan, just curious :slight_smile:

  • Joel

He’s been there for three years or some shit. Ring him! Lazy internat sods…

Take it easy workshop boy. Get me a beer!

yeah I know, I’m one of those people that never know they want something until they see it though. I know, sort of, what he has, but he always seems to have more than I think he does… ?

  • Joel

yeah I know, I’m one of those people that never know they want something until they see it though. I know, sort of, what he has, but he always seems to have more than I think he does… ?

  • Joel[/quote]

Besides, it’s a long distance call. Email Dan and ask him to call you :slight_smile: