Pricing help - 2009 Campagnolo Record 10 groupset, worth?

Bit of help from the roadie guys, whats a 2009 Campy Record 10 group worth roughly? or whats a fair price to pay?

300km on it, one owner, had it since new, 172.5 cranks length, 53.39 rings, carbon brifters and cranks.

In top nick, the guy just likes to upgrade cos he has the extra cash id say.

cheers fellas


a friend of mine was offered a similar deal on the '10 spec and was asked to pay $500, which seemed damned good to me.

consider you can get sram force for around 900-1000 delivered new, off eVil bay, ultegra fro around $700??

I reckon $600 would be a good buy…

if you get it for $600 thats very good.

thanks for chiming in fellas, i sort of thought $750 would be a ‘fair’ price for it, we’ll see how we go.

i doubt he will let it go for $600!

$750 would be a bargain

$850 would be worth it yo!

$900- final offer

$950 done

$950 and a reacharound - no looking!

I bought a 10 speed 08 record group complete for 400 on Ebore. It came with cluster/chain as well. dude was happy as 'cause he got to sell everything of a cracked bike, replaced under warranty.

yeah, but this is an '09 and everybody knows they’re better. They go to 10.

are you still ripping my mates red Mittiga frame? What’s the story anyway? Good ride or so-so?