(probably been done, but...) Good Tyre For Skidding

I need a new rear tyre. 700 x 23. I’ve read the Vittoria Randouneur, the Soma Everwear, as well as the Continental Top Contact are all pretty long lasting tyres for skidding. Anyone have any other suggestions? I’m sick of laying out ca$h for a rear tyre that doesn’t last that long, so I’d like to spend money on something that is a) relatively easy to get in Adelaide and b) will last a bit longer.

Sorry if this has been done before.

ask this dude what tyres he runs:

I’ve heard that you can make your rear tyre last longer depending on the ratio of your chain ring and rear freewheel. Basically it means that you have numerous skidding spots on the tyre rather than wearing the same few. There’s a name for this technique although, I’m not sure what it is. It’s got something to do with prime numbers I believe, although everyone that I speak to about this idea fails to explain it well. Perhaps someone in the forum is capable.

Called “skid patches”… get a 17t cog. It gives you 17 patches when matched with chain rings from 38-50. Which is probably all you’ll ever run. My ratio gives me 9 and that works out fine.
This might help explain…

you can also just rotate the tyre (in relation to the rim) to even out the skid patches

Which i think I inadvertantly did when i fixed a flat. I have more than 9 spots on mine where the rubber is worn out.

Learning to skid switch/opposite forward/ambidextrous can double your skid patches depending on your chainring size (odd doubles it, even doesn’t).

I use this for almost all gear/skid patch calcs/comparisons. I like the equivalent gearing comparision feature.

I run 46x17, and get what 17 skid patches? but eventually I’m going to go through the tyre, so does anyone have a recommendation for a decent tyre that will last longer?

I’m using a Maxxis RE-Fuse at the mo and it’s holding up pretty well. The only thing i don’t like is the knurled pattern on the tread which makes a funny noise when you skid, maybe you’ll like it. They’re only $40 so good value. :smiley:

i just binned a pair of maxxis detonators. too sticky, i was getting a flat every week. too sticky, hard to skid/skip stop. cheap and shitty.

gatorskins are pretty good.

If you’ve got the money… or in my case the old man who’s happy to buy tyres for me, cause its for my fixie… ride conti gp4000’s. not sticky… not shitty… the only problem i’ve ever had with them is i constantly blow out the side walls after 1000’s of km’s.

Do it in your head …
Every time you rotate the cranks, your rear goes around twice (34t) and then moves forward a bit more (12t). 12 doesn’t go into 17. Yay! Patches! Draw your 17t cog on a piece of paper. now just count 12t around it (or 5t backwards…) and see what happens to your skid patches.

What if it was 16t? For every full turn of the pedals, your rear wheel would do two revolutions, (32t) but then there would be a patch migrating around your rear at +12t. or -4t … 4 patches. And skipping on both sides won’t matter. :frowning: Hey, wait, would it? 1/2 of 46 is 23. If you’re skidding on both sides, isn’t that just like running a 23t chainring and only skidding on one side? Help :?

Re tyres I would say stop buying them new. Bike stores push new tyres on roadies and commuters anyone who comes in for repairs or services. “Oh, look, tread’s a bit worn there, don’t want to lose grip on a wet/dry road now” (commuter) or “up goes your rolling resistance / grip while cornering” (roadie) … Buy some other crap you might need, parts or tubes to get them on-side, and ask if they have any second hand tyres, or tyres they’re going to throw out. If you’re just riding around ripping skids everywhere it makes more sense if you cane old tyres that were already on the junk pile. You’re spending the money on something else you might need, and they don’t have to dispose of the only 1/2 fucked tyre. Incidentally if they’ve just taken a tyre off a bike that’s been in the shed or outside for a while, bonus. A semi-perished tyre seems to take much longer to wear down - no idea why.

I"ve heard there is a tyre make for static trainers, has anyone seen or heard of them, who makes them and does anyone know if they would be any good.
I’m having tyre blues to, I’ve just killed a Gator Skin @ $60.


Think about it.

Just take the chain off the cog and put it back on in a one tooth different spot.

Oh and those tyres are shit for the road. Just get a brake or learn to stop in a way that $60 a (day/week/month/year) doesn’t bother you.


While ure taking ure tire off instead of just turning the wheel… u could try one of these NJS bad boys:

OR just embrace your skills at attracting women with your 20m power slide to pop up gutter to flying 180 dismount through the revolving door skills… and not worry about burning through tyres cos it’s gunna happen.


I"ve heard there is a tyre make for static trainers, has anyone seen or heard of them, who makes them and does anyone know if they would be any good.
I’m having tyre blues to, I’ve just killed a Gator Skin @ $60.

OMG! The tyre is made for ROLLERS etc - NOT THE ROAD! If you want to embarrass yourself they’re made by Conti (Continental).

Yep detonators are way too sticky!

Vittoria Rubino or Zaffairo in all black seem to handle a bit of abuse and they are quite cheap.

Yep, I get it tyres are a consumable when riding with no brakes!

Fuck it! I think I’ll use the skid patch idea and practice skidding left and right handed.