Profile hub thread?

Hey guys sorry if it has been posted before, but i just purchased a nice new profile fixed hub and it arrived at my house today, it look great and the lookring too.
The only thing is that when i go to spin on a roseli cog i have it wont spin on more than once or twice with out it feel like im ruining my new hub.
my cogs a bit old but never been run, so i asume its all good?
any help would be greatly appreactiated.

So the cog is unused? Are the threads clean?

Profile are english/ISO threaded.

Grease it up and make sure you haven’t crossed the threads… if both are new maybe there is a little more resistance.

yeah, profile take normal cogs. however the threading of the axle bolts is also imperial, and they use an imperial allen key size as well. pain in the ass to be aware of