proof that beards >>>> reason/logic

Zinn KGS Custom Travel Stem W S S Coupler 120mm | eBay

Bar spins for dayz.


Makes sense for packing bars, I guess.

(shakes head).

At that price the stem is practically free with the coupler which costs something like $600.

Nobody with a beard would be that dumb. Us bearded types can adjust bar angles when we unbox our bikes. It must be for a CX race bike.

No fucking way, surely not, oh the smugness “for your high end travel bike”

It’s for installing an adaptor to reach 160mm for when riding with HMC.

If you had a few s&s couplers sitting around…?

I’ll stick to my high end 5mm allen key.


Such a stem just adds weight and complexity (as well as great expense) to a problem that isn’t really an issue. It’s not hard to remove a stem and swivel it out of the way to pack down.

someone built this to prove that they could, and are now trying to sell it to prove it wasn’t a waste of time/ego trip

I’m getting one made for my seatpost.

Plus S&S doesn’t recommend using a coupler on a single tube.

I just removed my stem from my bars to pack my bike up and it is pushin the boundaries of size that the standard case can handle

They’ve got a bunch of sizes for sale. Idiots.