Prospective Holiday Ride

400k over two days in summer, fixed (~70GI’s). Fair bit of climbing, day one elevation profile below (day two fairly flat):

Am I a (choose all that apply):
a) Idiot
b) Champion
c) Lazy bastard
d) Cheapskate

Where to?


The total amount of climbing doesn’t seem to bad but the steepness (without knowing your fitness level) seems pretty high to sustain for that long at 70GI.

Hmmm. It wasn’t the gradient that worried me, just continuous climbing over 40k’s. I don’t think that it’s any steeper than Skenes Creek Rd, and I did that without too much trouble…on the clock.

I can’t say as I may fail, but let’s just say we start at Boag’s and end at Cascade.

Did that have anything to do with the ride? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s kind of what I meant. The steepness won’t be too bad initially, but after 30-40ks of grinding you’ll be wishing to downshift, or at least I would. At least you’re not going the opposite way because those two climbs looks harsh, especially at 70GI!!!

e) all of the above?

That climb post the 100klm mark will hurt.

Unless you stop for the night pretty much spot on 100K’s > down hill warm up in the morning > big climb > smooth sailing for the rest of the day :slight_smile:

Start taking Mobic a week before and throughout the ride and for a week after and mask the knee pain, you’ll be fine.

Fixed is for Track and short hipster cool commutes, gears are for touring… It’s evolution baby.

I dunno, I’ve done plenty of long rides fixed and my knees have never been an issue. My biggest concern is if I manage to pull of a 200k ride like that, I’ve got to get up the next morning and find another 200k’s.

However, your point (and other’s) is clear, and over the next few days I’ll be considering my options.

dude you’ll be fine, it’ll be an awesome ride!

if you’re really concerned about backing it up the next day, you could use a fixed/free wheel so you have a coasting option if need be.

what ride?

but seriously, i don’t think there’s any question whether you are capable of this ride. its just a matter of whether its going to be fun.