protecting chrome


anyone got some good tips on protecting chromed steel from rusting? my bike is entirely chromed, and it has a few chips here & there, with the BB showing some rust through also. i ride in the rain etc, so im wondering if there is anyway i can protect it or stop the rust from taking over?

dont say fish oil.



Get a metal polish to shine it up and remove the rust. EG Autosol from supercheap. Also works on Al and brass.

For pitted chrome, apply it with aluminium foil instead of cloth. For severely damaged chrome, apply it with brass wool. In either of these cases, follow up with a regular polish with cloth.

Then you have two options as far as I can tell. Wipe it down whenever it gets wet and repolish if it loses some lustre or clear coat it.

My Super Course MkII has chromed stays and fork, they were in horrible condition at first, but I’ve removed most of the rust and pitting and always wipe it down if I get caught in the rain.

Fish oil… :smiley:


Though I guess it might be hard to find some chrome tape…

i need to get back onto this chrome rust issue asap…

i had to ride home in those floods on saturday -

i can safely say, if you’re ever in the situation where you are riding a bike in water up past the wheels and cars floating around you - fixed gear is the way to go.



except the deep-v’s filled up with water, and i thinnk the BB might need a re-grease…


I’m not sure about protecting the chrome (I’d like to know too), but even bad corrosion can be removed with some steel wool (without soap) and a light oil - either machine oil or even some kind of cooking oil will do.

It works well but if the corrosion is bad, expect to spend wuite some time and elbow grease at it - hence why my fork is still only partially cleaned up.

Use brass wool, the steel wool can embed iron particles and lead to further rust.

Once it is reasonable, I use a rust convertor, think they’re all phosphoric acid based, and then wipe over with Penetrol. Still has to be kept an eye on and re-done occasionally, sweat is the main enemy.