Protest ride

“From October, the State Government will ban riders of “wheeled recreation devices” from riding at night or on a road with a speed limit of more than 50kmh or face fines of $40 each.” - Brisbane Times
Let’s protest: ride from 7pm next Thursday from Brunswick Street in The Valley.

How ludacris! Count me in. I’m hittin that up fer sho.

In my youth, I get pulled over by a cop when I was skateboading home. He told me I wasn’t allowed to skateboard on the road at night without lights and I had to walk home. So, I didn’t think you could ride a skateboard at night anyway.

Oh yeah - and roller-blades should not be allowed anywhere, ever.

Wow i thought Brisbane had changed since Bjelke-Petersen.

Still run by the same muppets.

yeah i’ll be there, and will bring my skateboard too…

Your an ideas man Kero. I am strapping the skateboard to my backpack :slight_smile:
Reppin it for the heshers… Skids before hand at the outpost if anyone is keen…

Count me in, let’s take it to the man (or woman in this case)!!

I’ll strap the rollerblades to my backpack to even things up :mrgreen:

And I’m keen for skids at the outpost beforehand :sunglasses:

  1. This new law sounds pretty reasonable IMO if stops some stoned fuckwits blazing around on a skateboard after dark I’m all for it.
  2. Then there are the kids on scooters and skateboards that just shouldn’t go over 50kms or there wheels will fall off anyway.
  3. “Recreational wheeled devices” out at night should be outlawed because if drivers have a hard enough time seeing other cars and cyclists at night what chance does someone on a skateboard, scooter or blades have

Think of the bigger picture

Lol, obvious troll is obvious

Kenneth it’s not wheels that go 50km it’s banning them from streets with a speed limit of 50km or more. I am guessing the streets of cbd are 50km/hr.

Its just more stupid laws. I wish all the tossers in parliament would do a field trip to Europe and see how shit is run over there. It’d be a good learning experience for them. Germany and Netherdlands without a doubt are the most bicycle freindly places in the world. I was amazed at there adaption of bicycle paths on the roads and sidewalks. It made you want to ride a bike. (Even at nightime there were heaps people riding bikes/scooters) Then there was Italy, no perception of roads. Seems like there are no rules at all. But not once did I see a car crash or road rage (and i was on the roads pretty much everyday on the bike). Everyone just looks after everyone and gets on with it. Politicians are the biggest puppets. To much talking in suits and not enough living like normal citizens. End rant.

Going broke. Need to raise money $40 at a time.

Now that CBD speed limits are down to 40km/hr, how long before this new law gets changed to ban them from there too, for a bit more revenue raising.

I hate the qld government.

You all realise this doesn’t include bicycles, right? Just checking…

A bicycle is classified as a ‘device’ - I am not sure if it is recreational.

does not include bikes,

not that i skate or rollerskate… its still pretty raw that you will no longer be able to roll down to the shops or whatever, even on the footpath… thats how i read these “new laws” ??