Pseudo scientific cermaic vs conventional BB test

Does the fact the cranks with the ceramic bearings rotate for longer really mean very much? I mean, in the real world does it make a difference, or is it just more marketing BS?

On Le Tour maybe… but for fat execs, on carbon fibre on Beach Rd, with money to burn… hype!

Nice find… they look cool though!

i would have taken the pedals off for starters.
not sure it’s particularly conclusive given that the first BB had ceramic bearings as well.

I can make my cranks spin less times if I tighten my BB up!
My Ultegra BB spins more than the brand new D one.

Rigged I say!!!

On my road race bike we’ve upgraded everything to ceramic bearings. Bottom bracket, jockey wheels, hubs etc. It all adds up in the end and it does make a difference. The only bad thing is the longevity and they do need some maintenance.

There are a lot of more economical ways to make a difference, doing a brief 1 min google supports my engineers intuition on this eg. to

looking at other sources also suggests that even if you could eliminate half of the inefficiency of your drivetrain you might reduce 1 or 2% of the resistance your fighting against. intuitively you should probaly spend your $ on aerodynamic enhancements or faster tires.