Psychocross weapon

Pics of my CX ride, collected tonight and ridden on the cross course already.

Frame: 1985 nos 56cm Belgian cx frame by Diamant in reynolds 531
cranks/bb: 1985 nos Ofmega competitizione cross 170 cross cranks 44t and matching bb;
post: galli
saddle: Rolls due (thanks Sir Kev)
brakes: nos suntour xc pro cantis (thanks El Brado)
bar & stem: cinelli that I had lying around - tape same stuff as Nikcee has
levers: diacompte
wheels: superrecord track hubs laced to campy gamma rims - white industries 18t freehub wrapped in continental 35mm superking cross tires.
Build by Shifterbikes
I’m ready :evil:

Nice build - I really love that frame.

i’d be happy to lose to that weapon. :roll:

looks even better than i expected (and thats saying something).

hows it ride?

oh and the tape is amazing - ask @ shifter for it if you need new tape that will still be grippy in the wet yet soft on the hands in the dry. its not branded and only comes in black for now.

Once again Stu, you blow everyone else away with your bikes.

Can you line them all up for a family photo?

Street fixed

Wow Stu, looks amazing.
Cross specific cranks? Wow again mate :slight_smile:

amazing. sepia = > bike porn


theres a scott roadie in there as well (thats the climbing bike IIRC)
then theres a malvern skidstar
and his awesome casati (beach road/flats bike)
and apparently a hardtail mtn bike?

the problem is he has this thing for 55cm frames… which is 1 cm too small for me really.


I should have done Law.

I thought the carbon was all gone Stu?

There’s at least one build that surely must top yours though, this over the top resto of a Skidstar GT that I’m currently parked next to at work. (Owned by the able bodied rider from the Sydney Paralympics match sprint no less.)

Colnago straight blade fork, Campy brake, cranks, headset. Cinelli (Ti?) stem, possibly Cinelli Pope bars, CB Quattro pedals, 3-sp SA coaster brake hub with T-Bar shifter.


Yep - cross specific cranks - I thought they were kind of cheesy initially (as they look like a couple of pie plates) but they are proper cross cranks from that era - they came from ebay Netherlands - if anyone knows anything about the thinking behind that design (with the double chainguards) I’d be interested but I presume its either to stop chain skip or to keep mud out.

It rides really great although the cross course is bumpy as hell which is why the extra padding under the bartape that Dan did was inspired. I’m running it at about 66 inches which is slightly high for the climb up the path - I think I managed to get about a third of the way up.

Ok some of my other bikes as follows:

  1. Casati roadie (out on it this morning):
  2. Falcon Track (main race bike at the moment while Andy finishes some paint touchups on the Pog):
  3. Skidstar cruiser (rode it in to abbotsford bikes this morning as I’ve tinkered with the 3 speed gears and stuffed them up so that its stuck in 3rd) - now has brown regal saddle but will get a brooks next week
  4. black fixie commuter as posted before:

Inside of my shed:

Also have a nice Merckx I’m mainly riding for training at the moment for the hills:

and my fossati fixed conversion for commuting, and I’ve got the Pogliaghi as prev posted, as well as a crapper giant atx 840.
The scott crabon bike was sold a while ago.

Yes. I need therapy.


Don’t worry mate, you’ll be carrying up that bit and jumping over fences (maybe not in the ballz out 2 lap qualifiers if they are needed).

As I understand it, it’s similar to DH bikes, to keep the chain from being dropped, and also to stop from catching the ring / chain on obstacles.

You don’t need therapy, you need a Baum / Frezoni / other Aussie custom to balance the Euro content of your stable.

I know a particular recycled bike shop here in Brisbane that got a Frezoni TT bike dropped off (for free!!!) a couple of weeks ago. Pity that the manager knows what it is as I offered 2 sponge for it and he told me to fuck off, I guess I probably had it coming :wink:.

Nice collection Kiwi :-).

Controversially the casati is still my favourite. though i have yet to see the diamante in the flesh.

talking to stu makes me feel better about having 3 bikes and still wanting more :slight_smile:

+1. stupid arts degree.

Yeah, that right … I want more too and I feel good with that. It’s just my wife who doesn’t feel it at all!!! :roll:

Stu, you’ve good a really nice bikes collection.

The key is making sure she has as many bikes as you, it helps even more if she has nicer bikes than you too.

I’m trying hard, I already bought her a single spead. But she doesn’t really care about the look! :oops:
I also try to turn my kid in. He got already two bikes at 3yo!