PTEBMA Courier Cup

Huge! Massive! Enormous! Everyone’s gonna be there!
Ignore the date. Round one is on the 27th.
All are welcome to race, foot retention or no. Beers at the Wheaty or no.
Will be awesome.

Weather so far will be 27 degress with 20% chance of <1mm of rain.

Any body racing tonight?

Nah, going to see Lightning Bolt and Bronze Chariot at Foul-ers.

Damn fangled kids and their rock and roll music.

This was massive. You guys totally missed out.
Rick - 30 points.
Me - 20 points.
Huge - 10 points.
Everyone actually come next time hey. Dan might be slow at getting things going but he’s still always there on time ready to go.
Rollers is apparently next friday so we’ll do it the week after.