Pub Crawl Ride

Pay no Heed to the jetlagged idiot, Come to the 10 pub ride on Saturday 23rd instead

It would seem as though you’re already doing one…

Yeah, isn’t there a ‘10 Pubs Ride’ coming up?

Yes, as Johnny says the Canberra 10 Pubs Tour is on saturday, which means this one will have to be sunday, and start with a bloody marys and eggs.

Note to self: pay more attention to what I have RSVP’d on Facebook…

See you guys on Saturday

Still bikeless at the mo’…

You can borrow my black bike, You’ll need some shoes with MTB SPD cleats though

Pub ride???

I invited you on facebook man, you should come, you need to see the panasonic…

Sweet, just saw it, i’m the worst when it comes to checking event invites on facebook!

Can’t wait to see the Panasonic!

You’re bringing a TV? I’ll try and get my safari suit organised.

  • Joel