Public holiday cruise.

Hey guys and girls! As I’m sure you all know, Monday’s a public holiday. Like many of you, I have the day off, and wouldn’t mind going for a ride. Not in any particular direction, probably stopping for lunch/coffee.
Probably meet at fed square about 12.
Anyone in?

why not. it’s a fantastic distraction from study.
just not to doncaster… i cry a little when i see hills now

Alright, no Doncaster.
I loved those hills though.
I’m gonna go back and try them again in a few weeks.

sounds like a nice idea. id prefer a few less hills than EFTS tho haha

meant to rain all weekend including monday!

Forecast for Monday
Cloud increasing. Patchy rain later in the day. Winds northerly averaging 10 to 20 km/h increasing to up to 50 km/h during the morning.

City A little rain. Windy. Min12 Max21

I’ll buy a raincoat, I guess.

winds up to 50km is nuts, but i’m half keen! might have to change my front wheel around!

What’s wrong with your other front wheel?

riding an aero atm! wind will blow me away!! hahaha

Give me your aero and you’ll never have that problem again…

Nice one man, hahahahhaha

Hey, is this you on the left hand side?:

That is me, yes sir!
I saw your pic on Flikr, but couldn’t comment due to not being a member.

i like this idea very much. when i first joined it was all about just rolling around town with your friends (new and old), and drinking a lot of coffee. nice to see folks bringing it back.

Well Brendan, I’m glad to be ‘bringing it back’, even though I wasn’t there in the first place.

generational change is a beautiful thing.

Ey, I will be in if I can get the day free, haven’t been out for a ride with you guys before but very keen to, annoyed I missed tonight with work and all :frowning:

That’s been happening every Saturday for years now. The only difference these days is that not many people ride it fixed. There’s still plenty of rolling and coffee.

Meet at fed square? I’d come along to that.
I’d not heard of it though.
I keep wanting to go along to the Wednesday fix but the time and travel distance is killer for me, so I’m just jumping at a chance to roll. If a Saturday thing happens I’d most definitely come along.

7:30am Fed Sq, every Saturday.

It was the Saturday fixed ride but now it’s usually the Saturday SS/CX ride.