Public Service Announcement

Molly Meldrum + 80s CGI = Awesome!!!

Holy shit, I actually remember that ad.

Molly in a Stackhat…hmmm…was he the first HIPSTER???

Molly told me i looked like Annie Lennox once, i told him to fuck off and stop pissing on our bins.

I did the Gorillagram for Molly’s 40th birthday party*, at the old Inflation on King St. He had a molly-hat-shaped birthday cake and it melted in the heat from all the candles on it.

*back in the day

actual lol.

If you look like Annie Lennox, I so want a date with you boy, yooz purdy

It took a lot of speed to look like Annie Lennox, and it was 10 years ago.

Yeah I agree - she does look like a man.

So, you riding your cosmics home in this wind?

i remember this!

and the rest of the thread is just as awesome! :smiley:

Yeah. I can’t help it.