Pulling multiple G?

Latest issue of RIDE, Bikes from the bunch segment features trackies at Dunc Gray - one master’s bloke claims he pulls more than 2G in the turns. Feasible? or is he bullshitting? Never ridden that kind of track myself so I dunno.

let’s assume that he is just pulling 2G at the moment - that he’s riding at a constant speed, elevation, on the black line, with no friction blah blah - just assume all is simple and linear… and we are not talking instantaneous spikes or jiz…

his g pulling magnitude is mostly due the sum of two major components - gravity, and the acceleration due to cornering*:

gravity is one g, so if his total gs is 2, then the cornering acceleration (aka cetripetal thingo) will need to be sqrt(2*2 - 1) or about 1.73 jeez - let’s call it (assuming he’s not in any kind of orbit) about 17 metres per second per second.

Let’s also assume Dunc Grey is the same as DISC, where the length of a corner is 85m, and that the corners are semi-circles:

That makes the radius of the corner about 27 metres. so… using the the simplexo centripetal force formula: “ay see equals minus omega squared arr”, this master puller would need to be
ripping an omega at least as great as “the square root of seventeen divided by arr” - about 0.79 radians per second. That’s about 3.96 seconds to round the corner (semicircle has pi radians in it) … 85 metres in 3.96 seconds is about 21.5 metres per second…

let’s call it ~77 km/h. That’s well below the max speed for DISC of 85km/h, but seems kinda fast to me.

Um… maybe he is just pulling other than 2 jeez?

I wonder how many jeez his feet are pulling as they spin at 200+ rpm

  • pedants please correct me if this is too freestyled

Struth Nath…
alot of that went right over my head.

Am I correct in summarising that ‘he would have to be going fvcken fast’ to pull to g’s?

about 80km/h would be 2gs at dunc grey, unless i’m mistaken. :slight_smile:

Captain the very fact that you bought/read RIDE is not a good start to a thread, instead of spending huge ammounts of money on glossies (pornos don’t count), you should get all your information off the internet…like me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but will the rider be happy and fulfilled in life and get that sex change he’s always wanted (get a formula for that)? And what is this “jiz” you speak of?

Nath…love your work!

The same bloke also says he once “ripped the upper off a shoe during a race start”…I’m wondering what they put in the coffee up there?

Craig, I only buy RIDE for the articles :wink:

(and I get my PORN from the internet)

Nath, I love it you fuckin geek. It makes a little sense to me. Where do you get this shit from?

From inside his fucked up head.

Nath was the [offensive material censored].

I like bikes.

Ahh, nothing like math to make me feel stupid.

I’d never made the mental link between G and gravity.

HAHAHAHA censored??? Can’t even remember what I wrote now!!!