Puma 101, pdf booklet thingy, something or other. Good for a laugh


When I found this a while ago (way before you CraigC), I was actually impressed by how long ago Puma they jumped on the fixed wagon (judged by the copyright/publication date). Way before other brands.

Cute graphics in this little publication - would be easy to rip them of… sorry: appropriate for a tshirt print.

BTW - Speaking of designs, what ever happened to “Elatito” and the sticker design - I noticed that he/she/it never showed up on the forum again after posting his/her/its design?

you scared him off, Mikey…

Too easy.

It’s unfortunate that you’ve met me, so you’re no longer scared…

Download, Puma 101 for free


Pay for it, like some muppet wants you to do on fuck’n e-bay


This was put out through Vice magazine in the US I think. The guy who runs Vice Australia crashed at our place for a few days and mentioned it, then sent us down a copy of 101 and 201. And some muppets pay $50 for them!

I like how the Ebay seller says he’ll ship the PDF for free.