Pump Problems or my fault

Alrighty, I’ve just blown two tubes in half and the tire off of my rim!

The first one I think was my fault I tried to use a 19-23mm tube in a 28 conti sport.

But I nearly made my self def when the 23-28 tube blew the tire right of the rim.

According to my pump it was only at 100PSI Conti’s are rated to 116PSI, whats the chances that the pump gauge is stuffed and I’m really pumping to a much greater pressure than that?

I don’t even know how i would test it? Does anybody know of a cheap replacement pressure gauge I can rig into the existing hose?

I admit its a cheap floor pump that I have had a few years now but I hate to though shit away.

you’re pumping your tyres up too high. why would you ever take a 28 to 100!

Are you pinching the tube between the rim and the tyre bead?

Is your rim tape in good condition or is a spoke hole exposed somewhere?

Is there a piece of glass or similar embedded in the tyre?

Nope no glass in tyre, the rim tape feels perfect and the tube was not pinched.

Gauge could well be wrong, 10-20% off is possible, which could take your 100 to 120. But 60-80 would be a better pressure to run.

I’d chase down a cheap handheld gauge to compare (don’t expect direct correlation, as the pressure will drop as the gauge takes some air from the tube). Or someone else’s floor pump.

Schwalbe used to have giveaway gauges, but I gave all my spares away

I always pump my 28’s to 100psi, never had a problem.


if i did it was a pinch flat or no rim tape

Except with ride quality.

Faster but.

obvious troll

The only difference I can detect between 100psi and 40psi is the latter makes my rims hit the tram tracks crossing Queensbridge St.

Yeah, I get that on my 28mm tyres too.

At 20psi.

It’s my reinflation reminder.

i usually get rear tyre/rim shift on sharp corners before i get rim-kiss.

When you’re pumping up the tyre, is the bead on the tyre seated correctly?
And is there any visible damage to the bead of the tyre?
I’ve run 19mm tubes in 35mm tyres for a long time, and never had any issues, so I’m assuming it isn’t a tube issue.

I’ll have a look, I’m getting a new tube 28-32mm and check over then

cheap cheap tubes. closer to plastic than rubber.

Run schwalbe.

Regardless of if the tire can take 120psi. It wont blow off for a lot more after that. Unless its stupid cheap tire, you didn’t seat it properly and now you have potentially damaged the bead.

Are you half inflating and checking the bead/round before continuing on inflating?