Punctured Tubular

Hey guys/gals
What’s the quickest and easiest way to fix a punctured tubular?
Without taking off the tyre,

Ask heatseeker- I believe Vittoria Pit Stop is an effective product, but only a temporary fix.

It’s a tough one. If it’s anything bigger than a pin prick you’re going to have to rip the tyre off and get it repaired.

If it’s only small try a can of Vittoria Pitstop, if it doesn’t seal first time you’ll just need to keep putting pressure back in it and riding on it until the latex seals.

What tyre is it?

Remember - NEVER skimp on quality when it comes to tubs. You may think you’re saving money but it’s just more $$ and heart ache in the long run.

I’ve got full faith in the tyres I use. I did 200kms on tubs yesterday, 70kms of that was on freeway shoulder with loads of broken glass and debris without any problems what so ever. The only spare I carry is a Cabcharge. :mrgreen:

Yeh its only a tiny pin hole,
The tyres are “Tufo S3 Pro”
Ive had these on the street for about 2 months now and theyve been great,

Begs the question, why run tubs as an everyday tyre?

Or let me guess- you bought a cheap track wheelset on ebay that happened to have tubular rims?

if you have to ask how to fix it you should just buy a new tyre

Heatseeker: What do you think of Stan’s NoTubes sealant in tubs? It obviously works really great in tubeless applications, but I’ve never seen the results of it being used inside the tube of a clincher wheel, or in a tubular tyre for that matter. Any experience with it? Would it work for this application?

It’s funny you should ask that. I’m currently running it in the rear tyre at the moment as that’s the one that’s really the only puncture prone wheel. I can’t tell you if it’s worked at all, I can tell you that it hasn’t not worked. :expressionless: It is giving me a bit more peace of mind and cheaper than putting a can of Pitstop in it before you get problems. The only down side is getting it in, you have to screw the valve off and use a tiny funnel or try and run it down a pin etc.

force it in by using an oversize syringe

We use an oversize syringe to get it into the little funnel. The end of the syringe is too large for the valve opening and Stans is too thick for smaller syringes.

Have it down to a fine art now.

if you do take the tyre off, its not hugely difficult to remove some stickes (prob 2 inches worth), and patching the tube, then stitching it up again.

Or just pay old Jack $10 to do it for you when you’ve collected a few.

thanks everyone for your response