Pureblood - new build.

My first fixed gear - replacing a stolen SS CX bike.
Looking forward to this!

insurance claim? frame is different, should look awesome once built up

A little insurance money - a lot of my money.

wow parts look nice
hurry up and finish!
im keen to see it built up!

that frame look wild! discs will be an interesting touch.

Yeah - it’s a cross bike that has replaceable vertical / track dropouts.

I’ll probably cop some flack for the brakes but I don’t mind.

Wheels should be done next week - get everything faced and start bolting it together.

BB size was a bit of a pain - went for a 123mm…hope it’s not too wide.

Looks like a really interesting frame

disc brakes are not allowed in cyclocross.

I thought it was under consideration

Only if you actually care about UCI points.

or riding in the CX category at the Dirty Deeds CX series coming up.

Here’s what they think of the UCI too:

I’ve got a ‘legal’ bike for that if I work up the guts (and the wind) to race.

sweet! come on down!

Some frame shots.

A bit hard to see but the top tube has a lot of shape to it. Sexy.

Nice ass.

Lots of sweep in the seat stays.

Cable routing for the brake.

So I have to take my mini-Vs off and install cantis now? jeez.

that seat is tiny!

yeah - in addition to being pleasantly comfortable it also helps keep the lanolin oil in the seat tube

Is there a slit in the front of the seat tube at the top? Or do you need an expanding seatpost? I can see that tt has a nice ovalized shape to it.

Yeah - it’s split at the top up front - standard collar setup.