Purple bEater

Hallo All,

Been lurking around long enough thought I should contribute something by at least posting my ride… Hopefully give others some thrifty insight or at least a snigger.
Been through quite a few bikes but this has to be one of the most fun to ride.

Basically built out of Hard Rubbish scavegings from my or the surrounding streets that I stumbled upon. I live in prahran, I have found many fun items when i’ve been lucky without trying…

Frame: Avanti Crmo “Sprint” frame, previous owner has lightened the frame by removing the letters “spri” other mods include general neglect & authentic patina. I only scraped the rust bubble in the 3rd pic & treated it to some rust-converter

Seatpost: Some Aluminium post with Lightweight Oxidisation modification to negate the need of a bolt.
(I found it like that, luckily it’s the right height with a slim saddle)

Seat: Ripped in the corner
Bars: Off some children’s tag along bike, Nice pitted chrome.
Stem: As above, though aluminium & only pitting on the bolts.
Lever" Some MX bmx lever knock off
Headset: What ever was on it when i found it, including ill-fitting rubber dust-cap
Cranks: Shimano Exage 172.5 (i think, low enough to scrape if you time hard cornering incorrectly).
Chainring: Shimano Exage 39t 3/32" Biopace goodness though not oval enough to screw with chain tension
Chain: 1/8" Off some old Repco Excercise bike
Pedals: VP 99c + $5 postage ebay
Wheels: 36H 700c Wobler Rims off an old Repco?
Rear hub is off above mentioned excersise bike which was originally laced to a 27" rim with those air resistant fan things… i relaced it using the same spokes & spaced appropriately with 4 washers
The hub is chrome, heavyish & stamped [sic] “MJS”
Cog: 14t what was on it (it does not budge, even after riding ages with straps, skids without a lockring)

Additional features include overall rust, pitting on aluminium fork, removal of 4ish spokes from the rear wheel when they gave way when I decided to see if the tyres could handle 110PSI, still not replaced to save weight.


Nice ghetto bike! No seatpost bolt is so minimalist. You’ll get hipster points for that.

p.s. its only [sic] if it was meant to be njs.

dangerous and funny!

Kinda digging this, in that is is shite and proud of it, as opposed to attempting to be good, but is still shite.

epicly shit, becomes epicly awesome.

This bit cracks me up each time I read it.

looks like it’ll rumble, but awesome job haha