Purple Pub Pig

This is my hard rubbish/spare parts pub bike.

I’ve never actually ridden it to the pub.

Frame is an early Repco I found in hard rubbish in Highett. It had been spray painted silver, and then left to die. I sanded back the silver to find the Repco decal and a nice-but-weathered lilac paint. Masked off the rear stays and fork so it’d always remember it’s roots, and then tried my best to match the lilac as best I could in a spray can, and gave it the old what-for.

I think the frame was once ridden by a certain world champion Australian cyclist, though I have absolutely no basis on which to make that assumption. It just feels like it might have been.

Rest of the stuff is either stock stuff off my Bianchi, or stuff picked up cheap. Alex rims laced to Bianchi hubs (tough!), SR stem, Sakae Road Champion bars wrapped in cotton tape (cotton!), Lasco cranks with Well-Go pedals and borrowed-from-Ben cages, Bianchi saddle and no-name seat-post, and a new tange headset and BB.

I think it might be for sale if you just fell in love.

i love the ‘masked off’ idea of conserving its ‘heritage’.

Thumbs up =D

is that the real, genuine njs cotton, or the imitation cotton they’re flogging all over ebay?

Great paintjob. I think I may be in love… What size is it?

Nice bike ianhuman!!

Noobs take note- this is a great example of a cheap, functional beater bike

I am a super-noob, thanks for the tip horatio!

seriously though, nice work on the masking job. very nicely done.

Thanks guys. And yes, it is NJS cotton ET! NOS too!

The only thing I’m unhappy with is the white pin-striping. I spent AGES masking it all off with proper painter’s tape and hand painted it, but then the stupid paint bled under the stupid tape, and the pin-stripes aren’t crisp in some spots. Think I might fix that up soon.

Nath, I have no idea of the size, I never bothered to measure it, I just built it up and rode it! Strangely it seemed to fit though. I’m about 6’2" and normally ride about a 57-58cm frame. Though I think this might be a little smaller than that in the seat-tube. 55-56cm at a guess?

love the masked off bit

really nice and clean build. good work, ride it to the pub now.

Next time with the masking pinstripes, put down the tape, then seal it with whatever the under colour is (in this case purple), then let that dry.
And THEN put down the pinstripe colour (in this case white) and you wont have any (visible) bleeding of the pinstripe.

Thank me later :slight_smile:

I’m sure he has in the 4 odd months since he posted it.

That is an awesome tip, thanks for that…

Hey a trick to avoid this, is to mask off, then paint a coat of the same colour that you’re next to, then do your new colour on top. Its only ever the first coat that bleeds through, so if its the same as the taped off area you have no problem. Second coat (in the new colour) will give you a nice crisp line.

EDIT: Fuck, sorry, didn’t read page 2 which had Todd’s description of this exact process. And his is clearer.