Pursuit dreams are made of.

… because it will probably make it here anyway:

Llewellyn Pursuit Frame. Columbus tubes, track, fixie, funny bike | eBay

Want. will be watching closely.

it will be mine oh yes

Oh that is nice but only tiny.
Is it ott to own three?

That is super-duper nice.

You’d think if you’re selling a Llewellyn you’d at least make an effort in the description

coupla discs in the other items for sale also…

and a PX10!

I will be bidding my whole years savings on that scirrocco disk, so don’t try me

oh oh… shotgun the sugino disc

no way do it, but you’ll have to get the front disc, 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!

I might just bid on both discs now for the hell of it.

The name speaks for itself really.

but no pursuit…

i know where you live.

I all ready have a Ghibli Rear disc the front Scirocco is a given to be mine one day,
This one is in shit condition the frame on the other hand lets wait and see.

Scott whats up with your phone.

and another:

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

meh on both counts for me.

Closely watching that sugino disc

it died on saturday, pm me your number, need to talk to you also!

imafightyouforit, just sayin.

Well my dream is over I just heard back from the seller,
The st is 50cm ctc It’s tiny.
May be a good project for my wife haha,

yep i’m think good project for the girly, she said she’d ride with me if i got her a nice bike.