Pursuit Frame Sizing

i am looking to purchase a pursuit style frame. i.e. sloping top tube

and i was wondering what the sizing difference would be when choosing a frame

i ride a 56sq frame and it fits me very well

so what kind of differences should i make in the dimensions when looking for a pursuit frame.


you’ll want to check whether the top tube measurement of a frame for sale is the actual length of the tube or the theoretical (horizontal) tube length. the actual length of the tube will obviously be longer on a steeper sloping frame, for the same theoretical length.

i assume you’d be sweet with a theoretical length of 56cm, if you can work it out from pics or geometry.

that said, if you’re riding this pursuit bike on the street, to avoid having your head down so much you might want to bring the saddle further forward, and put a shorter stem on than otherwise. and put risers on instead of drops. which then completely defeats the point of a pursuit frame.

its bloody tricky, the whole pursuit sizing thing. Cos they all have different angles it gets confusing. Mine is pretty much 51cm square, but the effective size comes in a lot smaller, like 47st/49tt. You can sometimes tell by a photo what the effective size would be if you know the actual lengths, but the best way is to size it up with you on it. I bought mine off the net and was pretty lucky…