I just knocked together the awesome Pursuit frame I have just procured and am stuck with the question of whether to use the original 650C fork and find a 650C wheel or use my old mavic carbon 700C forks…

I have read around a bit and most folk seem to think running a 700c front is fine so long as it doesn’t affect the handling or make it look like a squashed low-rider,
I’ve taken it for a ride and it seems to handle quite nicely, its a spritely little fucker.

(obviously i’m gonna cut down the steerer when I can decide what to do, otherwise it would munt the fork forever as I doubt ill ever find another frame with such a small headtube)

So what does everyone think 650c or 700C?

650, if your going to do it might as well do it properly.


What size is it?

650 — No doubt.

650c. 700 front in that frame is sacrilege.

650c. you’ll find it handles better than 700c. mine was shit with 700 but is awesome with 650. also, you’ll soon find that drops are a no-go, unless you have a good chiropractor.

was wondering who won that. glad someone on the forum got it.

Well I bought myself a 650 front last night… A hed 3 trispoke…
Definately not going to be going with drops… I have a few other types of bars to try out

wow, is that street or track?

I’m going to be riding it on the street,

I have all the parts I need heading my way, Including a Trispoke, a 3T Mutant Quill Stem and some Risers. Pity patience isn’t one of my strong points

just when we thought this bike couldnt get any more ‘balla’ :sunglasses:

I was just about to say how much more awesome it would be with risers.

Get a 650c disc!

650 disc would be radness, would make the bike roar (louder than the zipp already does…)

nice. would you be keeping the disc on it? looks wicked though ey.

Hell yeah, I have been riding with that disc for ages (it didn’t come with the frame)


in my dreams…

hey zipp disk man is the tri spoke a 650? cause that would set that shit off.

Oh yeah, Its 650c

Plus I just got a parcel from japan with some nitto risers as well as some awesome Tokyo style (more rise) which might be handy for this frame

I love this bike, Rode it with the bullhorns cause I’m waiting for my stem to arrive so I can put risers on

Its so damn fast…

Update of the Riser variety…


sexy, what is that stem? looks tough