Purty photos - Masi single speed

So I was taking some photos of a single-speed I’m selling, and figured I might as well have some fun with it.

(big) (big)

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didn’t know they had a white one out

I think it was either a demo or overseas model.

Thats because it’s a conversion.Braze ons for shifters on DT and derailuer hanger is a give away.

It’s not a conversion, it’s built as a single-speed that can be converted to geared, if desired.

Speciale Commuter : Masi Bikes


Sounds like a crock of shit to me (not you, but Masi). That looks to be a road frame they are building up and selling as a “special modifiable” singlespeed – but really it seems to be exactly the same as any other conversion out there. Below is an image of a dedicated single-speed bike that can be converted to geared – from Independent Fabrications –

Yep, I have one of these built up with gears.

I’d actually PREFER regular horizontal dropouts over track dropouts w/ a derailleur hanger if I was to consider both ss and gears, racks/fenders etc etc…
The MASI looks similar to a Salsa casseroll… fairly functional IMO