Pushies Galore - 6 Nov

There is another Pushies Galore event on 6 November 2011, at the Holland Park Bowls Club. This be a stripped-down, selling/swapping only event. The deluxe version will be back again in July 2012. More details soon.

Nice i will be there.


Fuck yeah! Another reason to buy second hand bike shit!

Landing back in Australia at 7:30am that morning :stuck_out_tongue:

More details on the event here. Entry is free to public. Sellers $5/car space.

Bring it!!!

Quick reminder that Pushies Galore is on Sunday week - 6 November. If you are planning to sell, you can get in at 9:30am. It’ll open to the hordes at 10. Latest info (esp. for weather etc) on the Facebook page.

I’ll be in BNE, hope to make it along and see you guys.

i’m calling shotgun on all the stuff that i want, got it?

is this one a little creatures event again?

Can I bring some stuff and just sell it from another person’s stall ie GEAR?

Aaron - Co-ops are fine. Things will probably wrap up around 1. A beer or two at the bar might be on offer, but the Little Creatures presence will be pretty minimal.

Gav I just sent you a tweet but do you know of any BMX gear available at this one yet?

do they start serving at 10?

I know Hicksy will be there. Probably the guy from Oxley Cycles and a few others. You after anything particular?

I don’t think the Bowls Club license stretches quite that early. Maybe pretend you’re Victorian - try and get a special daylight saving serving. Coffee from Kombi will be going off I’d imagine.

Nah not for me, a friend…he’s keen to have a look.


dammit - I gets firstee pretty early on saturday mornings