putting grips on

i have soyo grirps

but they are hard to get onto my risers, the risers may be to thick but the grips seem to go halfway on then it is to hard to push them on any further, someone said use an air compressor to get them on, how the hell would you do that?
its like putting a grip on a cricket bat.
any tips on putting grips on?
lubricate maybe?


  1. Hairspray
  2. Spit
  3. Water

In that order of preference, in fact don’t bother with 2. or 3.

Thanks Captain

Deoderant should work as well. Anything in an aerosol with a high alcohol content, so that it evaporates quickly and they stick down.

The ultimate workshop method is to spray a bit of isopropyl alcohol in the grip, whack it on, then push the nozzle of an air compressor just under the grip and give it a blast to dry out the iso. Bam, instant solid grip.

+1 on hairspray, spray the inside of the grip, spray the bars, and twist on. Then wipe off any residue once on.

Hairspray or solvex.

Dont use WD40, RP7 etc…

I’ve used soapy water.
Hairspray sounds like it would work better though.

Aint nothing wrong with WD-40. The straw thing it comes with lets you get all the way into those damn blister makers.

Soak the shit out of it.

The best method i’ve found is placing 4 cable ties up the inside of the grip before its mounted, then slide the grips up the bars relying on the lower friction of the plastic on the bars rather than rubber grip. If that makes sense?

Its the only way i can fit my champ grips onto my risers.


Never had a prob, always easy. play with the ratio to get it right. doesnt need much.

I used to use hairspray, but it always seems to take ages to dry, so now I use an air compressor. Just as quick.

The grips become like a throttle dude!

spit has always done it for me. ill try hair spray next time as i have never had anyone recommend it before. :slight_smile:
makes sense though.

tried the hairspray method before that but it never dried in 4 days. still wet as! so i used a method similar to the cable tie one mentioned above. cut up strips of a display folder plastic cover instead and pulled them out with pliers once the grip was on.

i use hot (from kettle) water. this also loosens up rubber, and dries quicker.

grips are a bit loose for a couple of days, but are 100% solid within 3 or so days.

flyspray works good too.

Seems like any liquid will do…

hairspray works great, hardly loose after a few hours and then solid as anything in my experiences

metho works a treat. Dries in a few minutes