Putting this on a Pista; will it work? (drivetrain replacement)

Hey, guys,

I’m a newbie, so excuse my jumping into the deep end. I’ve been riding my Bianchi Pista for a while now and want to upgrade my drivetrain along with a couple of other things. Basically, I’ll be keeping the frame but not much else. Most of this is as a bit of fun and not so much out of necessity. I held off as long as I could!

Anyway, here’s the idea for the drivetrain. I mostly ride to work and the shops. Tricks and I do not mix.

Sugino 75 crankset (165 mm) and chain ring (48 t)
Sugino 75 bottom bracket
Shimano 16 t cog

My biggest concern here is having everything fit and line up on a 49 cm Pista. As you can probably tell, I’ve little idea about this stuff, but where I live means buying everything on line.

Apart from this, I’ll be thinking about getting some Dura Ace hubs and new wheels done.

Do you ride with brakes?

Nope (10 character limit)

long long time potatoe

Get the above set up with a 17 or 18T sprocket, Spinners are winners


48x16 isn’t the best for brakeless street riding.

you’ll also end up with one skid patch. this is clearly the most significant issue. go for a 17t if you have legs, 19t if you don’t

A Sugino 75 bottom bracket would be very nice and all, but that’s an old style loose ball setup, designed for the track. If you’re riding on the street and want something you can set and forget, a sealed bearing unit will cope with rain/grit/road grime much better. It’s a bit tricky finding one with ISO taper to suit a Sugino 75, but this one is perfect: PROTYPE 68 x 109mm ISO Taper (Sugino 75)

Re: the ratio, get a ratio chart like this one and have a look at what your options are. 70 gear inches is pretty nice I reckon, or a bit less if for some reason you don’t like brakes. 49/19 or 47/18 are good ratios - you’ll tend to get more skid spots with an odd numbered chainring.

75’s are great
48-19 = perfect street gearing (look after those knees of yours)
rock a sealed cartridge BB (go to your LBS and get them to measure and fix you up with the right length axle)


Aren’t miche bbs ISO - get one of them they’re pretty cheap and sealed!

True. They come with a 107mm spindle, instead of 109, but they’re also meant to be adjustable. You could push the axle 1mm to the right and have the same chainline as a 109mm, in theory. They’re supposedly not super great quality, which isn’t surprising for $25.

For a more expensive option, White Industries also make an ISO 109mm BB, which would probably last for years.

which city do you live in.???
how much wet weather riding will you do…??

the 75 BB will be fine in one of the warmer cities if you use the accordion seal and LOTS of grease… just pull it out re grease and reset every 6 months… a frame with cut outs in the BB to drain water away will help a lot to.

i took the sealed BB out of my roadie a while back which has a lot less kms than the non sealed BB in my track bike and because the road frame has no water drain the BB was totally fucked…
my super ‘super lap’ 75 is pushing 1 1/2 years of street riding, rain or shine and its still perfect

the ‘75’ BBs when set up right are as good and any thing you can buy…