Puzzlecat again?

Hey all,

today we ran a puzzlecat-like event for the Brunswick Club presentations - same format as the one from last December. We have a bunch of maps left over, and it’s a great course… So does anyone want to do it this coming weekend?

I won’t be able to make it, but I can hand the maps and solutions (in sealed evelopes) over to a responsible person for distribution on the day. There is between 2 and 3 hours worth of fun there - only problem is that some of the ‘clues’ will be gone soon, so this or next week will be your last chance to do it.

Start/finish is at the Brunswick Velodrome. Borders are St. Georges Rd, Brunswick Rd., Sydney Rd., Moreland Rd.

Let me know.


Aha, there were a bunch of guys out the front of my apt building trying to figure something out today, one girl with a Brunswick Club jacket on, I figured they were doing a scavenger hunt type thing. (saw them holding maps).

Sounds like fun. The last one looked great.

nath, you still keen to do this in early december? bikeweek is still in the works!

Yeah for sure. I was just wondering if anyone on the Saturday ride would like to do one this week.

Yeah I thought that one would be super easy to figure out - but noone got it right. Apparently one group went back there three times to try and work it out :slight_smile:

ah - classic :confused:

Yeah i would be up for it