[QLD] [CX] 54.5cm Van Dessel Gin & Trombones / SRAM Force

Van Dessel Gin & Trombones 54.5cm Sram Force 2010 model | eBay

$1300, good buying.

this has been up a couple of times before, but never this cheap.

get on it someone!

fuck yeah thats rad!

As a price comparison, i offer this.

If I hadn’t emptied my cycling account recently, I’d be on it.

wow!! wish this came up in a 60cm, get ownnn this medium sized peepz

Is this too good for a beginner CX rider?

I should really be riding a 56-58.

wonder if they’ll swap for a 2 week old 2011 Jamis Nova Race??

^^^ aaron, you buy it, and i’ll swap you my jamis for it.