Quality affordable Pedal Straps

Im struggling to find any good quality pedal straps (velcro) that aren’t strangely expensive (under $30). Just wondering what everyone else use’s?

Just fork out for Skin Grows Back or BO Gear’s.

Considering how long they last, the cost is worth it. Stop skimping (buy two less beers a week).

Yeah +1 for skingrowsback dx straps. I’ve heard they’re best if you wear converse style shoes but can’t imagine they’d be bad for any shoe style.

skin grows back. there’s no such thing as overkill

I’ll look into them just built up a leader with full campag record so bit low on cash for my bike

but thanks for the advice

You just put full Record on your bike and are skimping on pedal straps??? :S


Just wait til next payday, or max out your credit card or something. Quibbling over a few bucks after dropping serious coin on everything else is next level tightarsery.

We’re right to mock you.

I’m 15 and unemployed I’ve been saving for a long time to build bike and all the parts and I’m now sort of out of money for the last touches on the bike

Coles Careers

Thanks I had a job in a bike shop but they’ve slowed down now so no need for a casual and trust me I’ve applied in most places the average youth would

I have some platform pedals and hold fast straps you can have for $40. Bit ratty, but they will do the job.

How to make fixie pedal straps - YouTube

Hold Fast Heavy Duty Pedal Straps | eBay

Go local - BO Gear FRS Strap Ons. “Duct tape yourself to your pedals, without the need for duct tape!”

Or just use duct tape?! :wink:

I wonder, if you did actually use duct tape, with something on the underside so your shoe didn’t stick to it, how long it would last…?

report back with your findings.


id recommend BOgear, not sure if they still make these ones, but they have copped some abuse over the last 3 years and still are in good condition.

“As you can see [tug tug] it’s very strong”
Yeh, coz a half arsed tug with your hands is comparable to the forces it’ll experience when pulling wicked #whipskidzzzzz

Another +1 for BOGear FRS straps. Have had them on my Renovatio for the last 6 months and they look brand new still. Apart from being a bit tricky when swollen in the rain, they’re absolutely bang on and haven’t had to readjust them since they went on. I had a set of Cinelli straps that cost about $35 that were okay on my previous bike, but not even in the same ballpark as the BOG ones.

No comment on the budgeting thing.

Yeah, I’ve wound up with BOGear too after shifting from clips. Def another +1.