Quality, light weight and strong wheelset suggestions...

Hey everyone, I’m thinking about upgrading my fairly average performing Deep-V/Velocity wheelset to something that is far lighter yet hopefully just as strong. As Lupine has often correctly stated, Deep V rims are great for the street because they are pretty bloody strong, however they are also heavy and a fairly low-tech manufactuered rim. I can’t complain about the Velocity hubs too much- they have functioned perfectly for a year without any servicing.
I’m looking for a new fixed wheelset that is going to be much lighter, and hopefully just as strong.

My initial thoughts are to build the following
Rims- Mavic Open Pro
Hubs- Low-flange sealed-bearing hubs (I’m assuming I can save weight if I opt for low flange?) I wouldn’t use Shimano hubs as they don’t use sealed bearings- any other choices? Of course I could reuse my Velocity hubs if need be.
Spokes and spoke count- not sure, suggestions please!
Tyres- Rubino Pro

What do you reckon?

Ive heard good things about ProfileRacing hubs, but I think they are quite expensive and difficult to get hold of.

i’ve been using a set of primato hubs and mavic open pros for work for 2 years.
i’ve re-tensioned the bearings once in all that time, and the spokes have been re-tensioned twice.
3 major crashes, couple of minor ones and they are still dead straight and roll like new.
i’m a big fat fucker and ride like a hack.
that’s the best recommendation i can make…

Thanks for the thoughts Lupine. Question- what sort of weight is your wheelset? I mean, it would be significantly lighter than mine?

don’t know, i’ve never weighed them.
i’m more interested in “work for ever” than in “don’t weigh much”.
barring accident, the only time i’ll ever do anything to these is when the braking surface wears out.
however, the rims are lightweight, the hubs are lightweight, and i used basic 14wt DT spokes so all in all pretty good weight.
open pros are the win as far as i’m concerned for rims.

I’m in the process of building up a wheelset as a delayed birthday present to myself…

I’m going Phil Wood high flange track hubs for front and rear (double fixed), Ambrosio Excellence rims and DT aerolite spokes… on paper that combination is lighter than the standard Velocity Deep V wheelset by about 100g; hopefully it’ll be just as good.

… or way better!

got some phils a few weeks ago which will more than likely be laced to some rims i’m getting from a forum member.

would have loved some araya super aeros or liked some mavic cxp33’s but super aeoros are impossible to find and cxp33s are getting hard to find.

My rear Super Aero, laced to Miche Primato Pista via DT aerolites… cars dont give a f**k

Super aeros do look cool but are they very different from Deep V’s?
How is the recovery going? we missed you Sat.

man, was sooo pissed i couldn’t make it. i may be up for riding this weekend. 2 weeks is the longest i haven’t been on a bike in a long time.

not sure about the difference between the aeros and deep v’s…lighter, better built, more cachet? no idea. think sime had some before they got crunched in a crash.