question to brakeless fixie riders

how long does your tyre last riding brakeless?

to slow down you either have to skip stop or skid.

Search function. Google. FFS.

Your avatar makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I see it. Or maybe its just your pointless use of the “Start new thread” button.

about 2 minutes

only a day or two because i get payed when my record gets played and i rip skids to the max all day every day

Or you could just apply back pressure without breaking traction? When I take the Healing out for a spin I certainly don’t skid it, tubular tyres + skidding = death.

Skidding wears tyres out quickly, I thought this would be somewhat self evident?

Glad that I wasn’t the only one.

I really dont think OP should be riding brakeless…

sorry mate, didnt mean to offend you.

i was just curious.

didn’t know that there’s so many wankers in this forum

Hear hear.

Though to answer your question Mr OP person man, I have skidded through a tyre in a day for shits and giggles, it is an uneconomic, and stupid way to stop

I didn’t know there were so many idiots either.

I’d be careful calling anyone a wanker considering that your contributions to the forum have been to ask the other members about important topics such as you feet slipping off you pedals doing skids, your nuts getting sore and how much money couriers make. By all means be curious but understand that most of us don’t come here to wipe the arse of every new hipster that has recently discovered the “zen” of fixed riding, and thus a lot don’t have the patience to answer every single one of your questions.

lolz @ rantmandan - knew this thread was likely to provide a nice level of amusement for the afternoon

Don’t worry, you’re new. You probably haven’t even had a dutch rudder yet.

i had some POS in melbourne talking to me about how “zen” it was riding fixed and how at one you are with the bike. i would to punch him in the throat and spit in his face. i hate people who go on about zen.

who’s this Zen fellow anyways???

I rode my bike to Grill’d got a Zen Hen burger, and felt at one with the mayonnaise, this wore through 0.15% of the tire, meaning I could do 666 trips to grill’d on one tire - therefore skidding is evil.

^ so Zen makes burgers at Grill’d?

I kind of hope the OP does…

I had a brief relationship with Zen, but in the end, his Lebanese mother was always shouting and bitching.
Too hairy for my taste, too.

I dont see anything wrong asking questions.

anyways wont be asking idiotic questions from now on just in case i might offend some sensitive fixie “guru”

oh yeh, i apologised if i’m not an expert / “ZEN” or have the same level of intelligence! :slight_smile: